Ultra-fast implementation needed!

In order for Arkitema to stay on track with a very ambitious expansion strategy, a new reference and CV, skills and profile management system was needed. Being one of the largest architecture companies in Scandinavia the competition is tough, and to stay ahead require great focus and the best tools and IT solutions. 

Arkitema decided to use Orbit CV- and reference management. The only catch - the system needed to be operational within 10 weeks from the initial clarification workshop. 

In order for Secoya to succeed, a quite special approach was required. Normally, projects are implemented in module sprints, implementing one module at a time, then testing and tweaking before moving on to the next one, however the timeframe for the project required a different model. 

Agile development and testing

For us have the system running on time, Arkitema needed to be able to start using it while it was still being developed. This meant that certain features needed to be completed sooner than expected and in a different order from how it would normally be done. This posed a big challenge.
At the same time Arkitema needed the solution development to be very agile and flexible, as new needs and requirements appeared while the solution was being implemented.

We launched the project with a workshop defining all the features of the system as well as the specifications. A cross-divisional team was formed and charged with evaluating the specifications and adding changes prior to the implementation phase.Simultaneously, the contract was drawn up and the Orbit platform configuration initiated.

Once the specifications were finalized, implementation was initiated. The implementation was completed within 6 weeks including integrations, data import and 200 employees starting work on their CV. A team of interns at Arkitema also managed to add descriptions and stats to a large number of references. During the following summer holiday, a number of changes and minor enhancements were added to make sure that the system was fully operational for the official launch.