From manual to online

Before Orbit, many important aspects of internal communication at Arkitema only existed offline. For example, the process of going from acquisition to project execution was manual. All the protocols were there, but they were difficult to control and monitor, and Arkitema needed an efficient way to do this.

The Orbit solution turns several related processes into one continuous flow and is the backbone in the acquisition and delivery phases at Arkitema. If a tender is accepted, Orbit transfers everything to the project phase. This ensures that documentation and decisions for each step are always accessible and are kept as part of each project. This minimizes the risk of Arkitema losing important information.

Tasks can be delegated within the system, and progress is tracked. Check lists ensure that all targets are met. Stop-go procedures within Orbit keeps track of decisions, and relevant sign-off procedures are fast and reliable. These features all assure the stable and standardized progression of projects – a critical point for Arkitema. 

Creating an overview

The transfer of information from one stage to another also lets managers at Arkitema review performance by providing key figures for all cases in the system. This gives an insight into individual projects as well as the broad managerial overview that can be so difficult to obtain. Now, Arkitema can prioritize which cases to follow by using data from previous cases.
The Orbit solution supports and ensures the use of all standardized processes at Arkitema. Thereby it raises the quality of each case and helps Arkitema maximize overall profitability.

Intranet and process management integrated

Once Arkitema started to use Orbit, new demands and ideas emerged. Arkitema decided to go all in and add Orbit Intranet modules on top of their existing modules; Project, WikiReference management and Profiles

A classic challenge for any intranet is to actually make people use it. Orbit solves this by placing the intranet features right next to the work related features like project tasks, files and to-do listes. Thereby the news, knowledge and information available in the intranet, becomes easily accessible in the context where people are already working all the time. 

Before Orbit, CVs and references were collected in a regular file structure as Word or InDesign documents with no database integration. Therefore, we were unable to efficiently cross-search between workers and projects, since these weren’t linked.

Furthermore, it wasn’t possible to create alternative versions of CVs/references while maintaining an overview of our collective data regarding these.
These possibilities became increasingly crucial as Arkitema expanded both geographically and into new professional fields. We wanted an integrated solution with just one entry point for all our systems that could give us a complete overview of our competences and references, and Orbit has given us this. The link between CVs and references works well and makes it easy for us to search and connect data. Now solid company knowledge is no longer only found in senior members of staff – it is a collective platform for Arkitema. The different Orbit modules integrate well with each other, and we are certain that our Orbit solution is a part of the future at Arkitema.

Secoya proved very creative to work with and they were open to our requests. Orbit was configured to fit Arkitema which means that it has quickly become an integrated part of our knowledge sharing. Therefore, we are pleased to recommend Secoya and Orbit.

Sisse Brüel

Head of tender

Eva Friis

Head of communication

Modules included in the case


An easy and innovative way of managing all aspects of projects including files, discussions, planning, tasks, resources, Gantt charts, dashboards etc.


Employee skills/resources structured in Orbit supported by effective search and CV export templates. Ideal for knowledge sharing and bid management.


Case stories, customers and references structured in Orbit help you in your bid management process and win more projects. Integrates with Orbit Profiles.


Fully integrated intranet supporting events, news, calendar, pages, dashboards,  live feeds, custom integrations with other systems etc. 


Notifications allows the system to communicate with users through pop-ups and emails, letting them know when to update certain projects.

Advanced search

Through the Orbit search engine it is possible to make very advanced combined searches through both content and attached files.


Orbit Profiles can be integrated with other systems such as ERP or finance systems, thereby reducing errors and manual time spent.

Access control

Access control lets you control which users should have access to certain information and features. You can have as many access levels as you like.