Modular and flexible

Årstiderne Architects needed a CV- and reference management solution, but through the process they found that Orbit can be tailored to suit many other needs. During the process, they urgently required a temporary showcasing client for the MIPEM exhibition. We added the Wiki module, and Orbit could now be used to turn a data feed into beautiful visuals with user-friendly editing. Something no other knowledge platform does.
Årstiderne Architects now have a solution that handles management of employee profiles and references and a large image library. Furthermore, the wiki module makes article writing, editing and cataloguing easy, and because Orbit is a modular solution, it is possible to add features as the need for them arises. Årstiderne Architects is now looking at the possibility of making Orbit their intranet solution as this module integrates seamlessly with what they already have. The versatility of Orbit makes it a very strong knowledge sharing platform.
We chose Secoya because they possess a great deal of knowledge about our line of business, and they understood the importance of talking functionality over technicalities. We felt confident having them provide a solution for us.

Orbit proved easy to navigate, and we see a lot of possibilities in the solution. Apart from our CV-, reference management and image handling we now see Orbit as a potential platform for our entire intranet, and if we want CRM we can have that too. So, in many ways Orbit incorporates a lot of the things we want to cover in the future. 

If you think it’s expensive to optimize knowledge sharing, look at the alternative. Everyone wants to stay competitive, and we learn faster from our mistakes when knowledge is shared freely. Furthermore, the larger the organization, the more important data discipline and a uniform structure become. Otherwise, knowledge sharing becomes impossible. Orbit removes many obstacles in this regard and provides an intuitive approach to the sharing of company knowledge. 

Secoya were reliable, fast and easy to reach, and they had a way of understanding our needs and managed to communicate their perspective clearly throughout the process. Therefore, we can highly recommend Secoya and Orbit.

Jesper Torpe

Business development manager

Modules included in the case


Employee skills/resources structured in Orbit supported by effective search and CV export templates. Ideal for knowledge sharing and bid management.

Reference management

Orbit Profiles can be integrated with other systems such as ERP or finance systems, thereby reducing errors and manual time spent.


Organizational knowledge structured like Wikipedia makes it easy to read and follow articles, share and comment as well as making new pages.


Orbit Profiles can be integrated with other systems such as ERP or finance systems, thereby reducing errors and manual time spent.