Campaign portal for more than 120.000 users

Aktiv rundt i Danmark (Active around Denmark) is a campaign focused on health, food and exercise aimed at 0.-10. grade students. The purpose of the campaign is to make all students – including the inactive - more motivated to exercise, do outdoor activities and eat healthier.

UC Syddanmark and Nordea Fondet run the campaign and the collaboration has been in effect since 2005. Secoya has been involved in the project since 2011. The portal is developed collaboratively between the customer, the design bureau OddFischlein and Secoya. Every year, 120.000 students from approximately 1.400 schools use the site to sign up for different activities and competitions. The design is updated every year, and a smartphone application was added in 2012.

The solution is integrated with Facebook making sure that all events and news made on Facebook, is automatically transferred to the website - and at the same time all news and events are transferred to Facebook. The easy-to-use CMS makes it possible for the administrators of the portal to update the site fast, including creation of new menus, news, texts, pictures and videos. Every editor has a personal login with a file folder enabling them to freely post and administer documents such as PDFs and press material.