Corporate wide solution

The website is designed to be very user-friendly in order to help the visitor to whatever he or she needs. Building a house can be a quite complicated process and therefore one of the primary focuses of the website is to provide answers to specific questions fast. No matter if you have questions about financing, rules and regulations or want to see floor plans for selected houses or pictures - it should be easy! HusCompagniets customers are a very diverse group ranging from young couples to pensioners and everyone should be able to use the website. 

The solution supports specialized content for each country. When visitors arrive at the website they are asked to choose where they would like to build their house. From here the entire site is "shaped" around this choice. The houses shown will be the ones located in this area, the newsfeed will be from this area, and special offers and contact persons will be from the offices of HusCompagniet in this specific part of the country. 

Integrated CRM

The solution also includes a custom-built CRM-system where all inquiries from visitors are recorded and then distributed geographically to the sales representatives located close by. 

The entire solution is placed on a high-end scalable cloud-based server set-up making sure that the thousands of people visiting every day always get a fast, reliable and pleasant experience.