Advanced and fully automated webshop

In order for My Star Denim to go big scale, they needed a webshop that would support the UniqSize measurement system. With more than 2300 sizes, the UniqSize system would not work with just a regular "sizepicker". Therefore the customers on the web shop need to input their measurements and let the system do the hard work of finding the exact right size. 

However My Star Denim wanted to go even further. When an order is placed through the web shop, information is transferred to My Star Denims production data manger (PDM) where a full list of materials, measurements, and further details is provided in an easy accessible back-end overview system. From here information can be transferred to production. Afterwards, labels with ID, for where the jeans are going, are automatically printed and put on each individual pair of jeans, making sure the right customer gets the right pair of jeans. My Star Denim looks like a normal web shop, but is actually an advanced platform consisting of integrations between several backend system and machines running across several countries. 

Furthermore the shop contains an advanced calculation system that keeps track of a world wide sales network of shop-in-shops and re-sellers. Each with different sales percentages and discount rules.