Södra Timber is one of the largest suppliers of wood- and timber products in Scandinavia. Huge amounts of wood pass through their storehouses every year, and every package needs to be tracked in order to make sure that the right order gets to the right customer. Secoya designed and developed an innovative inventory management system that gives Södra Timber an easier and more effective management of workflows regarding their inventory. The solution automatically ensures that Södra Timber always has an updated inventory list on their website. This amounts to greatly reduced administrative work compared to previous practice, where lists where updated manually.

The system features order log, enabling Södra Timber to get an easy overview of what customers have previously ordered. It also creates an overview of when the order took place and how big a share of the total sales is happening through additional sales to existing customers. The system allows tracking of the timber through all steps of processing, from the sawmill through the processing plant all the way to end customer. As a result the inventory management system enables Södra Timber to achieve a number of certifications.

It is also possible for returning customers to log into the system and place orders by themselves, thereby reducing the time spent by Södra Timber staff serving the customers.