Orbit - The preferred platform

Valcon is an international management consulting company with activities across the globe. As the consultants are often away from the office for long periods of time, being able to share knowledge, information and data online is critical. 

In 2012 Valcon started analyzing both internal workflows as well as best practice with many of their clients in order to create the specifications of their dream knowledge platform. The most important thing was, that it should be easy to use, fast and extremely flexible. Easy and fast because they knew that the key to getting their employees to love it was that it was so easy that it made their work easier than before. Flexible because they knew from experience, that they needed a platform that could grow and evolve as the company did. 

Valcon researched on a number of different platforms including Google Apps, Podio, Lotus Notes and Sharepoint but ended up going with Secoyas Orbit platform based on a combination of flexibility, design, functionality and price.

 Valcon was included from day one in designing their own solution thereby directly influencing interfaces, look-and-feel as well as functionality of the end product. The finished solution includes a large collection of Orbit modules: Profiles, File management, Project management, Wiki, Intranet and Social computing.

Henrik Louis Petersen, Project manager, Valcon:

Secoya: What's the most important thing about Orbit? 

"The direct access to co-workers and their knowledge enables Valcon to provide the most relevant knowledge of a high quality to our customers. At the same time we avoid reinventing the wheel! In a very competitive market it is a direct competitive advantage that we expect to impact our baseline."

Secoya: What's your  favourite feature of Orbit?

"We like all of it! The most important for us is the link between everything. We now have knowledge bank, profiles, CVs, file management and social communication in one collected system - all very closely connected with our business processes. This is very powerful!"