Massive amounts of data 

Viking Genetics is one of the worlds leading providers of bull semen, both for dairy cattle and beef livestock. Each breeding bull is stored in our system with 90-160 parameters - all searchable in order for customers and employees to carry out elaborate segmentation in order to find exactly the right bull for each breeding program.  

When handling thousands of animals with this amount of data a very solid data infrastructure is required. In addition the demands in relation to data visualization varies from country to country. Each bull can be exported to a number of templates, thereby saving countless hours each year creating stat-sheets for all animals.

Secoya has delivered all corporate websites, each with data integration to the customer's data backend, and hour-to-hour updates to ensure the relevance and quality of the data presented online.

Furthermore this very same data is used for two different online shops and a Windows mobile app for offline purchase when traveling in areas with little or no connectivity. The shops are set up to communicate with a Microsoft Navision backend for updating prices and product categories, and for synchronizing orders and purchases for further processing.