A touristguide made digital!

VisitRanders is a central hub for tourist activities in Eastern Jutland. Primary tasks include tourist advice and assistance during and after visiting Randers. Working with advice on accommodation, inspiration to tours and practical advice on parking, playgrounds or where to eat, office tasks are very versatile.

VisitRanders offers a wide array of useful informationguides, brochures, tours and initiatives about Randers and it's many different historical and cultural landmarks.
The "Stjerneruten" is one of these initiatives - in short, it's a guided walk around the old parts of the city with special attention to 15 different attractions including the City Hall, Randers Rainforest and a number of museums and cultural institutions.
The challenge was to make this initiative digital and create a well designed and userfriendly smartphone app for iOS and Android

Navigate the Stars with VisitRanders

The app combines easy and userfriendly navigation in a beautiful designed smartphone interface. The application utilizes both GPS positioning and Compass for directional guidance. This feature benefits from Augmented Reality

Each Star - or Point of Interest - in the app is described via text and pictures/film. To make the app more vivid and inclusive each star also offers a quiz in various difficulty targeting both kids and adults.

Besides the guided tour around the city, the app includes other relevant information on events and special arrangements - all via direct integration to TellUs. This makes content relevant and updated but with limited need for manual updates.