Orbit stores files and documents online directly in the interface through an easy-to-use folder structure. Files can be moved around as well as down- and uploaded through drag and drop - exactly as you would do it on your desktop. To put a file into Orbit, you simply drag the file from a folder on your computer to the desired folder in your browser - and seconds later your file is online - ready to be shared and used by your co-workers.

Orbit FDM is bundled with Orbit Sync - a brand new way of combining the power of Orbit with the speed of working with files locally.

Orbit automatically handles versions, back-up and conflict control in case users are working on the same file or document simultaneously. In this way Orbit makes sure that files are never lost or overwritten by mistake. Files and documents are automatically fitted with a large range of meta data, such as author, creation- and change date, location in Orbit, project number, customer, department, file type and more. This is done simply by dropping the file into the right folder on the right project. The auto-generated meta data makes it extremely easy to search and find the right document later, even with millions of files in the system. 

Extension modules

Security and hosting

A number of security measures and backup procedures are in place to make sure that your data is safe and protected.

Advanced search

Through the Orbit search engine it is possible to make very advanced combined searches through millions of files in an instant.

Orbit Sync

Orbit Sync is a Dropbox-like desktop client that allows you to work with files directly on your computer, while changes are automatically synchronized.

Active Diretory (AD)

Integration with Active Directory makes several usernames and passwords a thing of the past. Once logged into your computer - you have access!

Additional information about Orbit Files- & Document Management

Files and documents are the backbone of most organizations. They are often handled and managed through shared drives located on local servers or through a VPN or Citrix connection. With Orbit we have taken a very different approach. In Orbit files are stored online directly in your knowledge management platform, which means that they are never out of context. If a set of documents are related to a project - they will be on the project right next to the connected persons, the project's financial figures etc.

The combination of Orbit FDM and Orbit Sync lets you work with files directly on your local computer, while all changes are automatically synchronized to the server and from there distributed to your co-workers. Especially when working with larger files, this is a big step up in regards to working speed and productivity.

Because all files are located online on a very fast server set-up, it is possible to make extremely fast searches through millions of files in a split-second. By looking at different meta data of files and combining it as criteria when searching, you can make very elaborate searches in great detail.

Basically Orbit makes all your organization's files and documents available online, as easy and fast as working in Windows - and with the search power of Google at your fingertips.