Modern file sharing

Through the Orbit interface you can sync specific projects to your local computer, meaning that all folders and files within the project becomes available on your PC. From here you can open, edit and save files - and all changes are synchronized back to Orbit as long as you are online. From here all changes are distributed to other users syncing the same projects. In case changes are made while offline, they are automatically synced with the server as soon as the PC comes back online.

In case two or more users are working with the same file, Orbit File Synchronizer automatically creates conflicting copies to ensure that data is never lost. All parties are then informed directly from the desktop client. In case the file is a Microsoft Word file (docx), Orbit Filesynchronizer allows you to easily merge two conflicting copies together, effectively letting you decide which changes should be included in the finished document.  

Security and efficiency

With Orbit Filesynchronizer the speed at which you work with and share files is dramatically increased, as it combines the benefits of having an easy online sharing platform with the ability to work with files locally - which is especially useful when working with large files. On top of this - Orbit Filesynchronizer is using a state-of-the-art method to minimize data transfer by analyzing all files, meaning that only the parts of files that have been changed are synchronized with the server. 
Orbit Filesynchronizer works like Dropbox, Onedrive and Google Drive, but with the full power of Orbit and an astounding 8192 bit encryption, it is virtually impossible to break making sure that your files are transferred both fast and safe between your computer and Orbit - no matter where you are in the world.