Full 2-way integration

Orbit Outlook plugin integrates seemlessly with Microsoft Outlook and makes it extremely easy to save emails directly to a project or a CRM activity. 

The plugin will add an "Orbit area" to Outlook. From here there is access to both archiving emails/files from Outlook to Orbit, as well as attaching files from Orbit to emails. 

At the same time a number of information from Orbit is available in Outlook: Orbit events can be copied to your calendar, colleagues are transfered from Orbit Profiles to your contact list in Outlook, CRM contacts from Orbit are available directly in Outlook, making it easy and fast to send emails and view email history for the person, or archive or view emails connected to a specific project.  

Share knowledge - save for the future

By archiving individual emails directly to a project it becomes much easier for the project team to get the same information, rather than Cc'ing and forwarding emails around to make sure everyone is up to speed on what is going on with a project. It is of course possible by using External invite to allow the client to 
follow the email history as well or even archive their own emails to the project.

Most employees receive thousands of emails every year, making it extremely difficult to find that special email where the client gave the go-ahead on the budget for that development project.

Email journaling allows for automatic archiving of all mails sent and received in the organization, thereby making it much easier to find - not only your own emails, but those of current or previous colleagues.