Management made simple

  • Visual resources – create overview and edit tasks
  • Templates – standardize project phases and transitions
  • Documentation – easy and flexible features reduce complexity
  • Procedure tracking – create consistency during and between projects
The Project Management module contain features that give you full control of every aspect of a project or process. Using templates for ease of process and intuitive interactive charts for overview and task management, the Project Management modules are great operational tools for both management level, project managers and project workers alike.

Building on Orbit Project the management features put you in full control of every aspect of a project or proces. The Project Management modules feature:
  • Project templates – These let you define structures for every thinkable process or project. This way they help standardize projects and speed up phases and transitions. 
  • Documentation – Through user-friendliness, the complexity of documenting process completion has been removed, and with Project Management, documentation is no longer a difficult task.
  • Visual structuring – Interactive Gantt charts and Secoya's innovative Progress submodule create overview and make it easy to create tasks and move deadlines by simple drag and drop.

Project Templates

Define templates for company processes to standardize and become more efficient. Document templates are easily integrated and master documents safely stored in the cloud. 

Interactive Gantt view

Interactive charts give a great overview of projects, phases, tasks and deadlines. New tasks and activities can easily be created, and existing ones can be moved by simple drag and drop.

Orbit Progress

Much more than a visual aid, Progress guides project workers through phases and procedures. This speeds up processes and creates excellent overview.


A sign off feature for key documents makes it easy to control the flow of a project. Every version and correspondence up until approval are saved for later review.

Outlook integration

Orbit integrates seamlessly with Outlook thereby making it easy to get information from Outlook to Orbit - and back. Emails, contacts, files and more.

File synchronizer

Orbit file synchronizer is a Dropbox-like desktop client that allows you to work with files directly on your computer, while changes are automatically synchronized.

Access control

Access control lets you control which users should have access to certain information and features. You can have as many access levels as you like.

External invite

Invite external partners or your clients to work with you on a project. You can manage exactly what elements and documents they should have access to.