Secoya, a Danish IT development company specializing in enterprise solutions, is now entering the broader Nordic market. Secoya is providing an extranet solution for Microsoft in Finland, focusing on food and service in eight large internal restaurants serving more than 10,000 employees.
Secoya is providing the extranet solution, in cooperation with ISS. In the wake of the successful deployment in Finland, ISS has now endorsed Secoya as extranet supplier for ISS for the whole of Scandinavia. ISS is the biggest Scandinavian player in the field of facility services, and holds a large amount of similar service contracts with other Nordic clients. The strategic alliance with ISS Nordic therefore gives Secoya a unique opportunity to deploy its web solution broadly across the Nordic countries.

René Dalsgaard Larsen, CEO of Secoya:

We’re extremely happy to have been given this opportunity by ISS Nordic. The endorsement as Nordic extranet supplier accords perfectly with our new strategy, which focuses more strongly on major clients. This makes it a logical step for us to focus on export and to form strategic partnerships with the big international players. In that respect we’ve already achieved a lot, delivering solutions to the SAS Institute, Shell and Arla.

According to René Dalsgaard Larsen, ISS Nordic chose Secoya for a variety of reasons:

Our extranet is extremely user-friendly – for example, it’s the only system on the market with 100% wysiwyg editing. We can also offer fast, low-cost development of tailor-made solutions, because we’ve designed the Secoya web solution to provide fast and easy adjustment, styling and variation. All of this combined gives us a competitive advantage in price, quality and delivery.

This is confirmed by Tom Lund, Nordic Catering Manager at ISS, who is responsible for a similar contract with the Nordic headquarters of Nordea, one of the biggest service contracts within ISS Nordic:

I’d like to commend our collaboration with Secoya. They’ve shown a tremendous understanding of our needs, and have provided a platform that suits the task perfectly. It all worked quickly and easily, with a high standard of service. After just two weeks we had our first website up and running. Secoya offers concepts and platforms that simply work, and a growing number of our clients are also choosing their solution – most recently Oslo University Hospital. 

Secoya currently generates 30 percent of its turnover from export. René Dalsgaard Larsen expects that the strategic partnership with ISS Nordic will contribute significantly to Secoya reaching its ambitious export goals for the coming three years: an increase in export revenue from 30 to 50 percent. Aside from extranet solutions, the export potential of Secoya lies primarily in the Orbit enterprise knowledge-sharing platform, which is already being used by a number of engineering and consultancy companies such as Valcon, MOE and Arkitema.

About Secoya:
Secoya, founded in 2007 and situated in the Katrinebjerg IT district in Aarhus, has been awarded a AAA credit rating and was named a “Gazelle Company” in both 2012 and 2013. Secoya develops and implements web-based knowledge-sharing systems and sophisticated file and document handling software. Secoya specializes in enterprise solutions, including the knowledge-sharing platform Orbit. Secoya has 15 employees, has had an annual growth rate of 15-20 percent for the last three years, and expects to continue this rate of development in the future. Secoya generates 30 percent of its turnover outside Denmark – a proportion set to rise to 50 percent over the coming three years.
For further information, please contact René Dalsgaard Larsen, mobile +45 22795969, mail